Free Engineering Studies For students from OBC, OEC and GENERAL.


Free Engineering Studies For students from OBC, OEC and GENERAL.

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala's OBC, OEC and GENERAL students will receive 4 years of free engineering education.

The system offering free engineering studies was approved by the All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi, Government of India AICTE.

Government scholarships to students from OBC, OEC and General (GENERAL) without an entrance exam or other requirements. Applications from students to engineering colleges are invited.

In Engineering, only those who have obtained 45% marks in Physics , Chemistry and Maths in Plus Two can earn admission. Parents should have an annual income of less than 249000 rupees. Accommodation and meals, along with the study, are given free of charge. Also, students are

Free of charge, equipped with laptops from the college. Children of government workers are not going to get this advantage. Applications should be filled out and mailed to the College Principal's address.

Different engineering courses that embrace apps ...

1, Engineering in Mechanics.

2, Engineering in Aeronautics.

3, Artificial Intelligence by B.Tech.

4, Structural Engineering Programs.

5, Engineering for Robotics & Automation.

6, Engineering of Computer Science.

7, Engineering the Car.

8, Engineering Marine.

9, The Engineering of Instrumentation.

10, The Engineering of Electrical and Electronics.

11, The Engineering of Electronics and Communication.

12, Information Technology B.Tech.

Only designated students who apply first, contact for more details, will be eligible for admission. From 7736812761

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